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Life Update

Hey everyone! Sorry I left you all hanging, but I have just been so busy lately! Unfortunately I think my blogging days have passed, but I did want to leave you all with a little update on my life in case you were wondering where I disappeared to! This past month has been absolutely incredible. I went to New York City for a week, Chicago for a weekend, had visitors in Pittsburgh, and finally started my job.

I absolutely love my job so far. The people I’m working with are incredible and I feel comfortable with them already. I can tell that I’m going to make some great friends and I’m so excited about that. I feel like it is the perfect fit for me and I cannot wait to develop my career here. Also, I seriously love wearing suits and professional clothing, so that’s a lot of fun!

In other news, I’m having so much fun spending time with my friends. Basically, life is perfect right now. It’s about time too! I had more than my fair share of struggles this past year, and things finally seem to be falling into place. I really could not be happier right now.

So, yeah, that’s the news with me. I want to thank everyone for your incredible support over this past year. I have made such amazing friends and I greatly appreciate every single comment I’ve received. Even though I won’t be posting anymore, I’ll still be around, so stay in touch!

Thanks again, for everything!

Live, Laugh, LOVE,



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