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Oh Tuesdays

Tuesdays are my crazyyyyyy day and today was no exception! But it’s OK! The SUN was out today and it was warm so I was happy. Really, nice weather is all it takes to make me less miserable happy here at school. Oh, and guess what! I’M GOING HOME IN A WEEK! Yep, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out but I’m going home for a loonggg weekend to celebrate Passover. I leave a week from Wednesday and I’m staying till Sunday. Let’s just call it Spring Break part 2! WOOHOOOOOOOOO I CAN’T WAIT!


Cereal as usual. I usually use Unsweetened Almond Breeze for my milk but Light Vanilla Soymilk was on sale at the store so I decided to give it a shot. Holy cow! This was so creamy and delicious, I loved it! I’m definitely going to keep this in my usual rotation!


I got an email this morning that my spinning class was cancelled because the instructor was sick so I decided to go to the gym on my own earlier to get it out of the way. As much as I love my spinning class, I am totally a morning person and it is rough for me to work out from 6:30-7:30 at night, so I was glad that I could hit the gym earlier today.


I packed myself a turkey, laughing cow sandwich with some carrots and a pear that I took from the dining hall last night. It’s a buffet style dining hall so I love swiping things to take with me. You have to be sneaky about it though because the workers are on the lookout and will yell at you. But seriously, for $50,000 a year you better believe I’m stealing whatever I can get my hands on!



During my long afternoon of classes I broke out a kashi bar which I almost broke a tooth eating. Midway through I did find a trick. If you roll it around in your hands for a while it warms up and isn’t quite like biting into a brick. The flavor is really good and it keeps me full so it has so much potential, I just wish it wasn’t so darn hard!


After class I really wanted to enjoy the nice weather because I’m sure it will be miserable again tomorrow. Since spinning was cancelled and I already went to the gym I had some extra free time so I took a nice long, leisurely walk. It was great! When I got home I was sort of hungry but not quite ready for dinner so I had a little appetizer: Pirate’s Booty



My friend was driving over to Whole Foods to pick up dinner for herself so I obviously jumped all over that and got myself a salad and cranberry pecan roll. Mmmm, divine.



Fresh fruit and whipped cream. I can’t even tell you how good this is, I definitely went back for seconds (and thirds!)–it’s honestly one of my very favorite desserts and just tastes so decadent and amazing, and the fact that it’s so healthy and good for me makes it even better!


I’m tired! I have to go read a book (yes, an entire book) for class tomorrow. See ya!



What a cleansing day I’ve had! I feel nice and refreshed now and can’t wait to get into bed and get a good night’s sleep!

After my hard exam I spent a long time giving my room a deep-clean. I dusted, vacuumed, did laundry, took out the trash, and changed my sheets. Really, is there anything better than the first night sleeping in fresh sheets? Maybe only eating peanut butter and chocolate right before getting into bed would make it a tiny bit better—and I’m sure that can be arranged!


I am ridiculously low on groceries again but I had just enough bread left to make myself a honey almond butter sandwich and cottage cheese. 


Then it was off to yoga for an extremely hard, extremely sweaty, extremely cleansing practice. I left feeling so good!


I have tons of work to do and got started on it with a snack: popcorn and yogurt. I find that if I just eat one or the other for a snack I’m starving like 20 minutes later, but combined, the protein and carbs keeps me going for a long time.



I went to the dining hall for dinner tonight with my sorority little. It was fun! I love her so much : ) She really looks up to me and asks me for advice and comes to me with her problems. It makes me feel important and special!

I had a big salad and some pistachio ice cream (no photo) it was delicious though!



My little knows how much I love yogurt pretzels so she gave me a little bag of them. Of course I needed to sample some when I got home. Yumm!


I’m happy! Today was a good day. I feel refreshed, calm, and content. Let’s hope this feeling lasts!

Disappearing Act

Sorry I went missing on you guys yesterday, I was so busy all day and just overwhelmed. I needed to prioritize and unfortunately blogging wasn’t at the top of my list. But I’m back now! I have an exam in an hour though that I want to go finish cramming for so I’m going to make this speedy!


Yogurt, pear, bran buds for a filling and delicious breakfast so that I’m not starving during my test. I woke up this morning to find a note under my door from my friend. It instantly brightened my mood. I love notes and cards and letters. It’s the little things that really make a difference to me!


Yesterday we had a philanthropy event for my sorority where we volunteered at a booth for a big carnival that my University puts on for local kids. Our booth was bracelet making. I made one for myself that says “Live, Laugh, Love” and I love it! After I was done I realized that some of the letters were on upside down and I was sort of bummed at first but I’m loving it for what it is—imperfection is beauty, right? 


Ok, I’m off to go kick Game Theory’s Butt! See you later!

Freaking Out

Hey guys–I’m going to skip the full post tonight because I’m recovering from a pretty scary night. Someone broke into our house! Don’t worry—everyone is fine, just very shaken up.

One of the girls living on the 1st floor had just gotten home, dropped her stuff off in her room, cracked open her window a bit to get some air and went to use the bathroom. When she got out of the bathroom she saw a man in her room with her laptop, wallet, and purse. She started screaming and grabbed her purse and he dropped everything and ran to a truck with his friend waiting for him and they drove away.

There were about 6 cops in our house and is was very SVU. We think he was waiting outsider her window with a cinderblock in place to prop himself up and as soon as she left the room he broke the screen, opened the window and climbed it. Who knows how long he was waiting there for. Thank goodness he wasn’t armed or hurt anyone. It’s just so scary to think that someone was waiting outside our house and could have really hurt someone. I’m so glad that I live on the top floor, and even gladder that I only have 2 more months here.

Anyway, not to leave you totally image-less, here is the BEST SNACK EVER:


Trader Joe’s Flaxseed Tortilla Chips and Salsa. Beyond amazing—after our drunken escapades last night with my friends, the bag is halfway gone!

Stay safe everyone!


I’m in all sorts of pain! My right thumb has been absolutely killing me, the tip of it is really tender and sore and I could not figure out what what wrong! Then it hit me…


That’s right. I have been so addicted to my new Blackberry and am constantly playing brickbreaker checking very important e-mails that my thumb is sore from the little ball in the middle to move around the screen. No good! I need a technology break or something!

Also, I got my 3rd HPV vaccine today and I don’t think I’m going to be able to lift my arm for a week, it’s so sore! I’m such a baby.


I got up early, as always, and started the day with a nice bowl of yogurt, cereal, and a pear. Then I spent way too much time on setting up my account for the blogger book club that Jenn coordinated. 


I eventually made it to the gym for a great workout. I took the advice that I learned yesterday and followed up my workout with a nice soy latte to replenish my body with some nice protein, carbs, and fat. I could feel my muscles repairing, haha!


Then I had a long afternoon of work, meetings, shot, and tons of studying.


I stopped midway through my crazy afternoon for a lunch break of a giant salad. It was v. refreshing.



I hit the books for a while and had some study snacks to get me through: popcorn and yogurt.



I also saw that Kristin tagged me in a ‘post 7 things you love’ game. How fun! I love things like this. It was hard to just choose 7 but here it goes:

1. My Family— As you guys know I am really close to my family and have such a hard time when I’m away at school. Even though we sometimes drive each other crazy disagree, they mean everything to me! I’m including my 2 best friends in this category too because honestly they are like family to me!

2. Reading— Honestly, there is nothing better than a good book. I love getting totally immersed in a story to the point where I look at the clock and hours have gone by without me realizing it. I’m so excited for the Blogger Book Club to start up so that I can find even more good books to read!

3. Warm Weather— I am a completely different person when I don’t have to bundle up. Days where I can go outside without a jacket on put me in an instantaneously better mood. I love going outside when the sun is shining and it’s warm, it just makes everything better.

4. Hot Drinks—Coffee, tea, hot chocolate…There is just something so comforting about a nice warm beverage, you know?

5. Cooking— I love creating healthy, fresh, wholesome meals for myself and my family. I feel so much better when I take the time to create a delicious meal that I can feel good about eating. I miss my kitchen so much when I’m at school!

6. Traveling— Even though I am a homebody I really like exploring new places. I studied abroad in Israel and in Spain and I loved sightseeing and visiting new cities. Paris is my all time favorite!

7. Blogging— Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without you guys! I love blogging so much and I adore this supporting, fun, and welcoming community we have. I have made so many good friends through blogging which I am so thankful for. I really don’t know what I would do with all my time if I didn’t have this great hobby!


Alright, I’m off to study a little more then it’s out to dinner and party time for my friends’ 21st birthday! See you tomorrow!


The week is already over for me (yay no Friday classes!) HOW did that happen so fast? Believe me, I’m not complaining because I want the rest of the semester to be over with as soon as possible, but seriously, this was like a new record. This weekend is going to be absolutely jam packed though. This weekend I have lots of homework including a problem set, over 200 pages of reading, and studying for 2 exams. Yikes!


Today was a whirlwind as well. I got up early and had a big cereal bowl for breakfast and then headed to my nutritionist appointment. I sure needed it after these past few weeks—I’ve really been struggling. 



Then I had 3 back-to-back 75 minute classes—my brain is always fried by the end of the afternoon. I packed my usual turkey/laughing cow sandwich, veggies, and an apple. 



WCMN Luna for my snack. I adore these.



I don’t have pictures of dinner because I went to a dinner/lecture by Tom Reen who was Best of Boston Nutritionist in 2007 (whatever that means!). He talked a lot about healthy living in college, and while it was interesting, there was really nothing too groundbreaking. The one thing I did learn was that it is important to eat something within 20 minutes of exercising for optimal absorption, and this is the best time for liquid calories since they are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Post-workout latte? I think so!

We had a “healthy catered meal” for dinner with hummus, pita, and veggie appetizers and a buffet dinner where I chose salad, salmon, brown rice, asparagus, and a roll. Dessert was chocolate covered strawberries. It felt so great to have such a healthy, balanced meal.


The best part of the night was the fact that I WON THE RAFFLE! I rarely win anything but my luck seems to be changing! I won a huge bowl of snacks! This thing was huge and I looked absolutely ridiculous carrying it home!


It included a bunch of Trader Joe’s products: tortilla chips, salsa, crackers, chutney, jam, peanut butter, granola, trail mix, pom juice, iced teas, rice cakes, and dark chocolate. How exciting!

I divided up some of the treats with my friend as a thank-you for coming with me to the event and she wanted to dig in to the peanut butter, crackers, and jam so who was I to deny her that? I’m so used to eating natural peanut butter that this was really strange tasting to me! 

I’m ready for bed! Goodnight!

Catch Up

Hello ladies and gentlemen Dad! Sorry I ditched you guys yesterday, I was having sort of a rocky day and just wasn’t up for posting. I’m back now though! 


I slept until a little past 8 this morning, it felt so great! Last night I put together some overnight oats which I very happily enjoyed this morning. So good and creamy. Yummm. I love these but always forget to get the oats soaking the night before—I really need to remember more often though because I love this breakfast!


My morning class got out early today–wooohooo! so I decided to hit up the gym. I’m really glad I did because I ran into a friend there that I hadn’t seen in so long due to study abroad different semesters and the fact that I’m really not friends with her best friend. Oh drama. Haha. Anyway, we had some major catching up to do and it made the time fly by.


No surprises here! Just the usual pre-yoga almond butter sandwich, cottage cheese, and carrots.


Yoga was actually sort of mehhh today. I have had the same instructor for 3 years now and so we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. He often uses me to help demonstrate postures for the class and today he wanted me to kick up into handstand with him supporting me. Well, this is a posture that I have really struggled with and haven’t been able to master on my own but can usually do with help. Well for some reason today I just could not do it. I tried a few times but gave up. I was so embarrassed!! I know that I shouldn’t be since it is a hard posture and few people in the class could do it either, but I was still embarrassed that everyone saw me struggle with it. Ughh. I also feel like I let my instructor down, which is also silly, because he obviously was confident in my ability and I fell short. I couldn’t get over it and sort of fumbled my way through the rest of practice. 


After yoga I needed a snack to make me feel better. I had some yogurt-my first time trying this flavor and I loved it! I also packed up the granola bar to take with me to the libs for some study-time. Boy do I have a lot of work coming up in the next few weeks, I’m overwhelmed!


I got to catch up with my best friend Aliza on the phone today—I miss her so much! We’re going on a cruise together this summer and I seriously can’t wait!


I was starving for dinner tonight. I went into the freezer for a Healthy Choice Mediterranean Pasta which wasn’t as good as I expected–it didn’t have that much flavor considering all the great ingredients: Orzo, Beans, Cranberries, Apples, and Carmelized Onions. I was still hungry when I finished so I had some hummus and veggies.




Then I spent way too long at designing a sweatshirt for my Little! It’s so cute! I snacked on my last little box of yogurt raisins in the process. Then I was still hungry. Sometimes I’m a bottomless pit! I had a banana. 


Would you believe that up until last year I hated bananas (and peanut butter too!!). Thank goodness I’ve over that ridiculousness!


I could lie to you and say that I’m off to do more work, but honestly I’m getting into bed and watching Twilight! Goodnight!

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