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What better way to end 2008 than with my favorite meals!


Waffle tower. duh.


After I digested I did my usual cardio followed by some crazy strength workout I found in a magazine. It was so hard, I almost died!


Omelet and english muffin. I was still hungry after I finished this so I had some graham sticks while reading.



We watched “I love the new millennium” on VH1 all afternoon. It was so funny! I had some delicious kettle corn while watching.


Now I’m off to get ready for a New Years Eve party at my friends house. It should be fun! I’m being DD though since I have to work bright and early tomorrow morning, but that’s fine–it just means that I can indulge even more on the food : )

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Have fun, and stay safe!


Almost 2009!

I seriously can’t believe we have 1 more day left in 2008. CRAZY!

Amy posted this little questionnaire on her blog today and I thought it was fun so I’ll play along!

Biggest Overall Accomplishment of the year: Getting a great job for when I graduate. 

Biggest Overall Challenge of the year: Learning to balance food, fitness, and fun. Eating healthily and exercising without obsessing.

Best Food Discovery of the year: So many! Natural peanut butter, greek yogurt, flax, Amy’s frozen meals, Larabars, brussels sprouts, Ezekial cinnamon raisin english muffins, etc.

Favorite purchase of the year: Asics Gel Kayano running shoes and my black transformer yoga mat 

How old you turned in 2008: 21!

Greatest Fitness Achievement: Running 10 miles and finally accomplishing headstand in yoga without the wall.

Thing(s) to work on in 2009: Being more mindful with my eating and exercising and treating my body right=giving it the proper fuel, exercise, and rest that it needs. Also to make more of an effort to be social and enjoy time with my friends. 

Most Memorable Meal!?: Thanksgiving!

I love survey things like that!

Now on to the food:


I had a big, filling breakfast before work this morning because I knew that lunch would be on the later side. I made a big bowl of yogurt, apple, kashi go lean, and cinnamon. The cinnamon gave it a little extra something that was excellent!



After work I went to visit my grandparents for the afternoon. I picked up Panera for lunch to eat once I got there. Today I had the chicken tortilla soup which I hadn’t tried before. It was really good! Nice and spicy. Yum!



I made a yummy dinner tonight inspired by my bloggie-buds. I made the infamous Gliding Calm tofu along with Catherine’s Spinach Pie. Both were incredible! 


Now I’m off to hang out at a friend’s house. See ya later!

Another Monday

Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start, and hopefully it’s a short work-week or another vacation week for all of you. I’m actually working a lot (boo!) including opening on New Years day (ughhhhhhhhhh) so I’m actually pretty busy. And can you believe it’s almost 2009. Seriously how did that happen? This year went by so fast!


Today was the usual. I got up and exercised and then had a nice breakfast. I did switch it up a bit and had cereal with berries instead of my usual banana. It was so good! I love berries.



Breakfast really didn’t hold me over today for some reason and my stomach was yelling at me earlier than usual. I had a salmon veggie wrap and pear. Oh, and I am the worst wrap maker ever. I don’t think I’ve ever successfully made a wrap without it tearing or falling apart while I eat it. I seriously need a wrap making tutorial. If anyone has some good tips please send them my way!



I packed a Spooky Smores Zbar for a snack at work today. This was my first time trying this flavor and it was really good! It might even be my favorite.


Work was literally insane today. We were really short-staffed and crazy busy so I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off all day. When my shift was over I just sat in my car for a few minutes to breathe before I could even leave. Whew. My manager surprised me with some chocolate since I worked so hard today. I had a Peppermint Bark and Pecan Pie chocolate. OMG OMG OMG these were beyond amazing. Having these bites of heaven made the crazy day totally worth it. If you can find the special holiday Ghiradelli chocolates you MUST try them. These were some of the best chocolates I’ve ever had.



I stopped at the grocery store after work even though I was exhausted, and picked up a salad for dinner. This was delicious, and huge I couldn’t even finish it all! There were the usual veggies and fruit plus some highlights: wheatberry salad, curry couscous, butternut squash with cranberries, the best salmon I’ve had in a very long time, tuna, beans, and pineapple salsa. YUM! I love big salads like this!



My salad filled me up at first but I got hungry again really soon after! I blame lack of carbs. I made up for it by rummaging through the cabinets.


And while watching a movie with my dad I had a vitatop with reddi-whip and strawberries. Perfect!


Now it’s off to bed–I open at work tomorrow so it’s an early morning. Goodnight!


Hello friends! I had such a fun day, I hope you all did too. 


I was really excited for my workout this morning because my mom recently subscribed to a bunch of magazines and a few came in the mail yesterday. Honestly magazines make exercise so much more fun. Today I worked out with Women’s Health and the time flew by. Afterward I had a yummy breakfast of fage, berries, and kashi go lean. 


Steelers Game

My dad and I went to the Steelers Game this afternoon where the Steelers completely demolished the Browns. It was fun! It was soooooo windy though which made it pretty chilly. We had a really good time, I love football! Hines Ward is my favorite.




Stadium food is so expensive, the lines are so long, and eating would require removing our gloves so we decided just to wait and eat a very late lunch. We bailed after the 3rd quarter because we had a huge lead and were starting to get really hungry. We went to Atria’s and by the time we eat it was 3:45 and I was beyond starving. 

We split the Pot Roast Nachos which are absolutely unbelievable. Completely worth the splurge. This is one of my favorite indulgences! I also got a little cup of Butternut Squash Soup which was amazing, very creamy and cinnamon-y. This lunch was perfect.




My great mood and day continued when we got home and I got cozy in my pjs and lounged around watching more football. I had some Dairy Queen vanilla with rainbow sprinkles with reddi-whip for the perfect ending to my day.


I was really able to relax and enjoy myself and have fun with my family today. Yay!

Heat Wave?

I don’t know what is going on here but it was 72* today! How crazy is that! I mean, it’s snowing in Arizona, and people here were walking around in shorts and sandals!


I got up this morning and started my morning with a nice cardio workout. Afterward I sat down with a wonderful waffle tower. I seriously love these! Mmm, best breakfast ever.



I ate a quick lunch before heading in for another crazy day at work. I kept it simple with a turkey sandwich, apple, and carrots. The best part of lunch was a slice of banana bread that my mom baked this morning which I had as a sweet ending to my meal. Delish. Then it was off to work!




Work was even busier today than yesterday, if that’s possible. I was running around like a maniac all day. I started feeling a little weak so I snuck into the back a few times to gobble down my Peanut Butter Luna Cookie. This one was really good too but I think I liked the mint better. 



My feet hurt when I got home but luckily I had a great dinner to make me feel better. Tonight we had tilapia, quinoa with mushrooms and onions, and roasted asparagus. The tilapia was baked in a sauce made from wine, soy sauce, sesame oil, cilantro, jalapenos and lime. It was really good and had a nice kick to it. Very good.



Dinner was really filling but I don’t think I could go a night without dessert even if you paid me. Tonight I had my all time favorite berries and whipped cream. I honestly have an unhealthy obsession with fat free reddi-whip. I know how fake and bad it is but I just love it so much. Honestly I think it’s in my top 5 favorite foods. How disgusting is that!? Haha who am I? Oh well, it was delicious. I may have had some more whipped cream straight from my spoon too. Oops!


I finished Breaking Dawn today and it was excellent. Thanks to everyone who recommended the Twilight series—I LOVED it! Now I need a new book to read, so some good book recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

I’m so excited because tomorrow I’m going to the STEELERS game with my dad. Let’s hope the weather stays nice for it!


I love that Hanukkah is 8 days long because the celebrations just keep going! 


For dinner tonight my mom made apricot chicken which was delicious and was really nice to have a home-cooked meal waiting for me after my long day of work.


We also opened up a bottle of wine. I had 2 glasses throughout the night and was definitely feeling it. It’s worn off finally after chugging lots of water, but boy am I a lightweight when it comes to alcohol!



I would like to challenge Bobby Flay to a throwdown with our latkes. They’re just so good I know we would totally dominate. My dad is the latke master and he learned it all from his grandmother who brought the recipe over from Europe after WWII. We’re definitely purists when it comes to latkes—none of this onion, cheese, food-processor nonesense. It’s really the simplicity that makes it to phenomenal. Here’s how you do it.

Grate the potatoes by hand:


Beat in the eggs. 1 egg per medium potato. We used 4 of each. A great tip is to do this over a strainer to easily get rid of the excess liquid. Then add a little bit of salt.


Add the batter to a hot pan filled with vegetable oil.


Cook for a few minutes until golden brown, then flip.


The result is unbelievable.



#2 with some ketchup. People eat these with ketchup or applesauce so I decided to give it a try for comparison but honestly plain is the best! Along with glass of wine #2.




Then we lit Hanukkah candles. My parents share the menorah in the back, mine is the front left and my sister has the front right.



Gotta end the night with something sweet:


I’m so tired. It’s off to bed for me, then another crazy day of work tomorrow. Goodnight!

Mall Madness

I just got home from work and I am exhausted! Working at the mall the day after Christmas is no fun at all.


I woke up this morning and was seriously sore from my yoga practice yesterday! I was contemplating going for a run because it’s a little warmer today, but my body was just not feeling it so I just stuck with the less-intense stationary bike. I still managed to get nice and sweaty though! After my workout I had an easy bowl of cereal.



The usual omelet with eggbeaters, laughing cow cheese, mushrooms, spinach, and onion with ketchup and an ezekial. Simple but oh-so satisfying! After lunch I headed into work for a crazy day. It’s funny because I hate crowds and always avoided shopping or going anywhere near the mall on black friday and the day after christmas, but now, not only did I have to go by the mall, I had to work there all day. Yikes. And so much for holiday cheer–some customers were GROUCHY!



Work was seriously crazy today. It was so busy and I was running around nonstop. I literally inhaled this larabar on my “bathroom break”. I work tomorrow too and I bet it’s going to be just as crazy then. People sure love shopping.


My best friend is coming over in a little bit and we’re making LATKES to celebrate Hanukkah. I can’t wait!

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