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So Sleepy!

My lack of sleep DEFINITELY caught up with me today! I think that I was so focused on work before that I didn’t really realize just how tired I was, but now that things have slowed down a bit my body sure is feeling it. I got a glorious 8 hours of sleep last night and could have kept sleeping for much longer if my alarm hadn’t woken me up. 99% of the time I wake up before my alarm goes off but today not only did it wake me up but I hit snooze twice! I can’t even remember the last time that happened!


If I didn’t have a bowl of overnight oats waiting for me I don’t think I would have been able to force myself out of bed at all and would have missed my classes. Good thing I love this so much that it makes getting out of bed worthwhile!


Even with my large mug of coffee it was hard to concentrate during my 2 classes, I have just felt like I’m in a fog all day! For lunch I had my usual pre-yoga meal: ezekial, pb, laughing cow, and cottage cheese.


I forced myself to get some homework done this afternoon and managed to avoid a nap with the help of my study-buddies:


I was extra-hungry for dinner tonight and was really glad that I cooked up some quinoa earlier this afternoon when I had some extra time. This way all I had to do was pop it in the microwave and it was ready to eat! I also had a salad, and some lightlife brand soy “chicken” tenders. This was my first time trying them and I guess they’re alright. They didn’t really taste like much but when dipped in ketchup they were fine. It’s a quick and easy way to get in some protein and make me feel like I’m eating more of a ‘real’ dinner.


I did a little more work and a couple hours later I was hungry again! I couldn’t decide what I wanted–part of me was in a ‘grazing’ mood but my stomach still felt hungry so I knew I needed something with a little more to it. I decided to have some yogurt followed by popcorn to satisfy both of my cravings. It worked like a charm!

I have nothing much going on tomorrow so I plan on getting to bed soon and sleeping as long as my body needs. Hopefully I’ll finally feel well-rested! Goodnight everyone!



Today turned out to be a success food-wise and I’m feeling so much better about things in general. Thanks again for all the encouragement!


I packed some dried edamame (and some almonds hidden at the bottom!) that I ate while at work this afternoon. 

I got home around 5 and was getting hungry but wasn’t ready for dinner. In the past I definitely would have just ignored it, let myself get hungrier and hungrier, then finally inhale dinner way too fast and keep eating all night. Not anymore! I decided to have a small snack to tide me over a couple hours until I was ready for dinner. A little banana supreme pudding did the trick!


I had originally planned on shrimp and brown rice for dinner but when I really just wasn’t feeling it. In the spirit of listening to my body I knew that if I ate that I would be left unsatisfied, so I thought about what I was craving and Amy’s Lasagna really sounded good and comforting. I had it with a fresh salad and it really hit the spot! It was delicious (as are all Amy’s products!) and definitely left me full and happy.


After dinner I did a little homework and then decided to just let myself relax a little. I don’t have anything too pressing to do, and don’t have any more work due this week so instead of slugging through another chapter of textbook reading I curled up in my bed with my laptop and caught up on some TV (gossip girl, greys, and the office). I feel a little lazy but I think I deserve a little break!

I had a meeting at 10 and when I got back it was definitely time for dessert–a ‘frozen yogurt’ and a chocolate vitamuffin-Yum!

Now I’m full, happy, and sleepy! Definitely bedtime. Goodnight!

Back on Track

It feels so good to be back on track with my healthy lifestyle. That’s what I have to keep reminding myself–that this is a lifestyle and really in the grand scheme of things, a bad week here or there and a few pounds in either direction really does NOT make a difference.

Thank you guys so much for all your support—everyone who has a blog can attest to the fact that kind comments mean so much and really help! I don’t know where I would be without all of you!


Even though my big projects are done for right now, I still have a lot of work to do! I put a lot of my other classes on the back-burner and now I need to catch up on them. I decided to pack up a quick breakfast to go so that I could spend the morning working, go to class, and then straight to the gym.


I just packed up a turkey and cheese sandwich with an apple and some veggies to eat at the library before my next class. Then I have to go get some serious work done for my internship and then it’s back to the books!


I was doing a lot of thinking about what the causes for my nighttime snack-attacks are and I think I’ve come up with a few reasons:

1) Lack of sleep: I have been getting up at the same time as always (730-8) but haven’t been getting to bed until much later than usual (2-3). Obviously I’m exhausted mentally, and physically and it’s really easy to mistake feeling tired with feeling hungry. Also, I’ve been eating dinner at the same time as always but then have been awake for much longer. Being up for so many extra hours means that I need more fuel, but unfortunately I was stuck in the mindset of only 1 small snack after dinner. I should have just let myself have another real snack but instead I didn’t listen to my body and ended up starving late at night and grabbing everything in sight.

2) Being unsatisfied with dinner: I really, really miss cooking. I miss having real, healthy, filling, home-cooked meals. I am a firm believer in the importance of eating real, whole foods and have really been struggling with not being able to cook for myself like I did this past summer. I end up eating things that I don’t want, and that don’t satisfy me, which definitely leads to overeating later in the night. I’m not really sure what the solution to this is, except to just wait it out and try to make the best of the situation. 

Well, I have to run to class–see you all tonight!


Hey guys! I finally have a chance to breathe! My paper and presentation on this paper (I dare you to try getting through this without falling asleep!) are finally over and I couldn’t be more relieved. I am so drained–I haven’t gotten more than 5 hrs of sleep a night since last Wednesday!

This past week has been absolutely horrible. Not just with schoolwork, but just in general. I was really down in the dumps and my eating was really negatively affected. I let myself fall into the ’emotional eating’ trap and unfortunately reverted back into some of my overeating/overrestricting/overexercising cycle which is not good. I felt horrible mentally and physically and really don’t want to go down that path. I thought about giving up blogging for good but I think I’m going to stick it out and see how things go. I’m going to be more diligent about taking pictures of everything so that I don’t mindlessly eat (especially at night which is where things are hardest for me). I’m really not happy with how my healthy living has been going recently and I know that blaming it on stress is no excuse. I should be able to overcome the other issues in my life and make the time and effort to treat my body the way it deserves to be treated. I’m actually really excited to get back on track because I know that when I exercise and fuel my body right I just feel so much better overall.

I have to run to a meeting now (yes, at 10:00 at night) and then I am hitting the sack–I can barely keep my eyes open! Back to regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow!


I hate to do this to you guys, but I am just swamped with stuff right now and I just need to take a little break from blogging. Hopefully you won’t miss me too much (it will be hard, I know!) but I should be back early next week, as soon as I get some of these big assignments out of the way.

I leave you with the most amazing jack-o-lantern EVER! One of the girls in my sorority carved this tonight (while I was sadly writing my paper). Can you make out what it is?

Yep, an OBAMA pumpkin. Awesome! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Cold and Dreary

Man, the weather in Boston was NOT pleasant today. Luckily the rain held off for the most part but it was cold, windy, drizzly, and gray all day long. I guess it sort of matched my mood.


Last night while I was burning the midnight 230 am oil I got really hungry and bored with studying and stressed and tired. These do not make for a good combination. The result was me + spoon + jar of PB. Ugh. I’m trying so hard to do this intuitive eating thing but I feel like I’m facing setbacks all the time. I don’t like the restriction of counting calories and I hate how obsessive I become with it, but I really don’t like this out-of-control late night eating that’s been happening since I’ve stopped calorie-counting. Do you count calories? If you have in the past, how did you get yourself to stop? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, due to my late night eating, when 7:00 rolled around this morning I was definitely not hungry. I hit up the gym without a preworkout snack because food really wasn’t too appetizing to me. I got in an extra-long, extra-sweaty workout (just how I like them!) and had a simple bowl of cereal when I got home.


Quick hummus wrap, cottage cheese, carrots, and some random spicy rice crackers I found at the campus mini-mart. This lunch was great! I love having lots of little things to eat and there were so many different flavors and textures going on that it really hit the spot. It took me a long time to eat too, which is always a plus!


Once again the 2% cottage cheese worked it’s magic and kept me full for a really long time. I had the biggest apple I’ve ever eaten for a snack. It was just ok–it wasn’t as crunchy as I would have hoped. I like my apples SUPER crunchy!

I attended a panel discussion about the current financial crisis that the economics department put on today. 5 professors spoke and then opened up for questions. It was so interesting! They did such a great job explaining everything and I feel like I understand the current situation so much better now. Unfortunately the message I took away from it is that future for our economy is not looking so good…


Due to the gross weather I was definitely in the mood for something warm and comforting. A big bowl of lentil soup and some Kashi crackers really hit the spot. This soup is good, I prefer the taste of Amy’s Lentil better, but the convenience and zero cleanup with this just can’t be beat!

After dinner I did some more planning for the Greek Block Party and ran some errands (we went to Target, and it was SO hard not to buy stuff for myself! My friend had a pretty hard time keeping me in line since I kept wandering down aisles and browsing, haha)


Now it’s back to the books. I just ate the cookie and I plan to pop up the popcorn in an hour or so to motivate me through my work. After that I’m brushing my teeth and NOT mindlessly eating tonight.

Goodnight everyone!


I voted in my very first presidential election! My absentee ballot came in the mail this afternoon and I was so excited (and sure of my decision!!) that I filled it out right away! YAY! 

And that was definitely the highlight of my day. I will be a much happier girl this time next week when my research paper on ‘Whether the growing importance of foreign direct investment and multinational enterprises poses a challenge for “traditional” and “new” trade theory’ is handed in and my 75 minute presentation on ‘Does Economic Integration Cause Foreign Direct Investment?” is over with. Along with all this schoolwork, I’m helping to plan my sorority’s booth at the Greek Block Party on Friday (which goes on all day) not to mention a 6 hour workshop on Saturday with a chapter at a nearby school. Just thinking about all of it is overwhelming me!


I did start the day off the best way possible: Waffle Tower. This is the first time I’ve tried the Kashi Go Lean Blueberry Waffles (I’ve had the strawberry before and they’re just ok) but these are AWESOME! The flavor is really pronounced and topped with fage, sf syrup, and a juicy red pear, I’m basically in love.


Another winner: Cinnamon Raisin Ezekial with Cin-raisin pb and laughing cow. With a side of cottage cheese. Oh so good. I bought 2% cottage cheese this time instead of nonfat and it made SUCH a difference! The flavor and texture was way better and it kept me full foreverrrrr. I’m not kidding, I didn’t even want an afternoon snack which is basically unheard of for me!

After yoga I went in to meet with my group and professor regarding our presentation next week and then I went in to do some work for my internship (I’m the Hillel Marketing Intern which is basically a fancy name for: “I sit at a computer and input numbers into a program”).


Another excellent meal (3 for 3 today!) Annie’s single serving microwaved mac&cheese with tuna and a side salad. This is definitely my new favorite meal! It is so comforting and really filling. The portion is really generous too for surprisingly low calories (1 serving of the mac &cheese is under 250 calories!)


I definitely needed a reward for diligently working this evening. I knew the perfect treat= Peanut Butter Cookie cookie dough Larabar. So amazingly good.

Around 10 I have something to do for my sorority and then it’s back to work. I’m really skimping on sleep lately–I ideally like 8 hrs but can manage on 6-7, recently I’ve been getting more like 5-6. 1 more week and then I can sleep to my hearts content (which I guarantee you won’t be past 8:30 because my body is crazy.) Sigh.

Have a great night everyone!

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