Too Fast

Days off from work always go by way too fast! I was up at around 7:15 this morning and before I know it, it’s already 7:30 at night! Where does the time go! At least I got a lot accomplished, and feel refreshed and rested after my exhausting day yesterday. I need to enjoy this feeling which it lasts because tomorrow is another long one.


We were basically out of milk this morning so I had something a little different for my pre-yoga breakfast. A cinnamon-raisin Ezekial english muffin with cinnamon-raisin peanut butter. What an awesome combination. This baby was to. die. for. Yumm. This was perfect for my intense class this morning. My instructor just got back from one of those week long yoga retreats, which are basically like yoga boot camp. She decided to treat us all to a hard workout this morning featuring some new tips and tricks she learned. My muscles were so sore at the end. Lucky for me peanut butter is a serious superfood in my book. Not only is it amazingly delicious, but it is so satisfying. Seriously, peanut butter holds me over forever!


I was craving some veggies for lunch so I made my usual ginormous salad with all sorts of goodies. It was so good and the sheer volume of vegetables really filled me up.


This should go without saying:

I picked up some fresh fruit while I was at the grocery store getting my salad, so obviously I couldn’t resist digging in. There is some Fage hidden below the fruit for some extra protein.


Dinner was really good tonight. We had whole wheat pasta with roasted veggies. I think roasted cauliflower is my newest obsession. It was so good. I’m actually not a big pasta person in general and I think that’s mainly because I am not a fan of tomato sauce (I actually don’t really like pizza—shocking I know!!) For this pasta we actually made an interesting sauce from Giada di Laurentis. All you do is cook up some butternut squash, add some milk, garlic, and vegetable stock, and puree it. It comes out really creamy and good—it has the same texture and color as a cheese sauce, but so much healthier! We forgot to add on the parmesan cheese (oops!) so this was good, but I think the parmesan would have made it great.

Today has been absolutely gorgeous outside! So after dinner we went for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. I really love taking walks after dinner, not only does it help you digest, but it’s just so relaxing. Usually when I exercise it’s with the purpose of really pushing myself to my limit, getting my heart rate up, and sweating. I don’t do this just to burn calories, but because I really love the feeling I get when I work hard and push myself. I am a firm believer in exercise endorphins and how good they make you feel. When I don’t get in a good workout, I just don’t feel as good overall.

Walking, however, is also really beneficial and I love how relaxing it is. I like being able to just stroll along, enjoying the weather  and the scenery. It’s really nice to supplement my intense cardio with a nice, relaxing walk. I’m definitely going to try to incorporate these into my days more often. If only the weather would cooperate…

I’m sure dessert will make an appearance soon to finish off my rather perfect day. So I’ll see you all in a little bit!


1 Response to “Too Fast”

  1. 1 Melissa Sunday, August 3, 2008 at 9:54 pm

    sounds like you had fun at that yoga class, even with your teacher being all intense! but i guess those are the best classes!!

    and yay for the leisure walk…i love taking those, esp after dinner to help digest!

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