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I knew that I needed to eat something to soak up my bad choices during Happy Hour. However I was in no condition for anything labor-intensive! Luckily we had these in the freezer:

I can’t give you an honest review of these because I don’t really remember what it tasted like, but at the time it seemed like the best thing I have ever eaten. And it really did it’s job—I felt better immediately after eating it.


Then, as promised, came fruit and whipped cream:


Then obviously was more whipped cream, some popcorn, and somehow (I have no idea how it happened—maybe it actually didn’t since there is no photographic evidence?!?) my hand ended up in the chocolate chip bag (and kashi cracker bag, and trail mix bag) multiple times. Dammit. I’m really disappointed in myself, especially after how I had just posted yesterday about the great progress I was making. This is just like a huge step backwards and I’m pretty upset. There’s alcohol for you…it leads to stupid decisions. I really think my limit is 1 drink, end of story. And I need to EAT something BEFORE I drink. I should have learned that lesson last time, but I didn’t. 

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day, and I’ll get back on track. Sometimes your body just needs a splurge to keep it guessing, so hopefully tonight didn’t do too much damage!

Now I am going to bed—I better get up early to exercise before work tomorrow or else I know I’ll be dragging all day!



Bad Decisions

Today started off innocently enough, but i must warn you that this post may result in a slightly incoherent mess of misspelled words and grossly incorrect grammar.


Breakfast before work was fast and easy, and of course delcious. this seems to be the case with bascially all my food though—I thinK i am constantly raving about how “yummy and delectable” everything is and barely ever give a bad review. except for that fish the other night. that was just tasteless.

Before I went into a very long and boring day at work I had some cereal: fiber one, kashi go lean, wheatberries, flax, skim, and blueberries. It was very good (of course) and filled me up. I actually have never added blueberries to my cereal before but we had no bananas so I thought-why not?! ANd it was very good!


I packed myself a great filling lunch. Simple and satistfying: tuna wrap, apple, celery and tomatoes. Not much else exciting to say. Actually I lied a little—it wasn’t that great. My lettuce went bad so I couldn’t add that, I forgot the pickles, and didn’t add enough mustard, so it was a little dry. It did fill me up though so I guess mission accomplished.

Bad Decisions

I had everty intention of going to yoga after work today—I  brought a snack and my workout clothes and everything! But then I got out of work a little late, my legs felt like lead, and I realized that I haven’t had a day off from working out in FOREVER. LIke 3 weeks or something. So instead I decided to partake in Happy Hour instead of exercise.

I started off with a Pear Martini:

This was entirely too sweet for me. Although I love desserts and sweets in general, I am NOT a fan of sweet drinks, I even take my coffee black. This was just way too sweet for me. And honestly it didn’t even taste like it had any alcohol in it. But based on the state of mind i’m in right now—I’m fairly sure it had more than I thought. 

I was planning on just having 1 drink but then talk turned to careers and the future (which completely freaks/stresses me out to no end) so I turned to my liquor for comfort. I quickly finished this and moved on.

I knew I needed something less sweet, so I went back to a classic: gin martini with a twist. too bad this silly place thinks a twist means just the lemon peel and not the whole lemon—they totally jipped me. I LOVE eating lemons out of my drinks. I should have chosen the olives, then at least I would have gotten some fuel in me! This was good–and STRONG. Apparently. Seeing as I am utterly smashed after 2 drinks and it is 7:30 at night. OOOOPS. Bad decisions, like I said.

I should probably go eat something now to soak up the alcohol, but honestly my bed is just calling my name. But then again so is the fruit. What to do, what to do? Too bad I recently bought more whipped cream, so I’m sure that if I have fruit that will mange to sneak it’s way in, and in portions entirely greater than the recommended serving size. And then it will find its way onto my finger. ANd then straight into my mouth like you see in the movies. except you actually don’t see that in the movies because it’s utterly unattractive. But it happens. To me. Don’t worry, I’ll spare the documentation.

Fortunately I came home and straight up to blog for all you wonderful readers who (whom?) I love dearly and as a result haven’t manage to stuff my face (re: Martini party) with junk. Hmm, I sense a trend though…Sarah+martinis=bad news bears.

Ok, I’ll be back later, hopefully more coherent, and with some healthier food to blog.

Hasta luego : )

Dinner and Snack Attack


Yoga tonight was great! Since it was such a dreary day our instructor decided that we all needed an extra-energizing practice to invigorate us since the weather was pretty sleep-inducing. It ended up being a really hard, sweaty class–just how I like it!

I’m really glad I had prepared dinner in advance because once I got home and showered all I wanted to do was eat! I made a sort of Chicken Casserole and it was so easy! I just cooked up some chicken, then added some steamed broccoli and a mix of cream of mushroom soup, skim milk, dijon mustard, and cheddar cheese. Brought it to a boil and simmered for 10 minutes, and it was done! No chopping or dicing required. To go with it and soak up some of the liquid (although it did thicken up really nicely) was some brown rice. This was a really delicious, comforting meal that filled me right up.

Snack Attack

Even though I was full from dinner I was in a very snack-y mood. I think it’s because of the super-intense workout day yesterday. I’ve noticed that my body has a delayed reaction with exercise and hunger. When I work out extra hard it actually kills my appetite for the day. The next day however–I want to eat everything in sight! I kept it under control by thinking about what I was craving and then working to satisfy that rather than just grabbing anything that resembles food. I wanted something cold and juicy, but still sweet. 

Fruit! Obviously—I am addicted after all. Tonight I knew that wasn’t going to do the trick entirely though so I had one of these Skinny Cow Mint Dippers. I just had one, not the whole box. Although they are so good that I would happily eat the whole box.

After this my mouth still wanted to keep eating and I didn’t want to just start sticking my hand in cereal boxes and into the chocolate chip bag—something that unfortunately used to be an everyday bad habit of mine. I decided on a mini popcorn. It’s salty and sweet, and with lots of little pieces that take a long time to eat. This was the perfect decision because by the time I was done my mind finally caught up with my stomach and realized that it didn’t need anything else tonight. Success! I don’t know exactly how long it’s been, but it has been a good while (maybe since Martini party?) that I’ve gone without mindless munching/unauthorized/unphotographed bites and snacks. This blog is really working its magic with my self-control!  

Goodnight everyone!


Today has been quite the productive day. I’ve already gone to work, updated my resume, studied, ran errands, and cooked dinner in advance (boy does it look/smell good!) And today has been full of good eats already. After I’m done posting I’m off to yoga from 615-745 then racing home to devour my delicious dinner! 


The one good thing about going to work early this morning was the fact that I had this amazing breakfast to fuel me through the day. Fage, wheatberries, fruit, and flax. Perfect. Along with my three cup of coffee, I was energized, full, and my tastebuds were very happy.


I luckily had a pretty short day today and managed to wait until I got home to eat lunch. I’m glad I did because a home-cooked meal is SO much better than a packed one, in my opinion. 

Lunch was sort of a random assortment of things, but it was what I was craving, and ended up being amazingly delicious. I cooked a sweet potato in the microwave, and made a small omelet with 1/4c eggbeaters, roasted red peppers, basil, and laughing cow cheese. Alongside I had the sweetest gala apple I’ve had in a long time. This meal was SO good, very filling and comforting, and very yellow/orange!


Since dinner isn’t going to be until 8:30ish and I need my energy for yoga I had a snack this afternoon of a ww english muffin and Cinnamon Raisin PB. Man, was this good. The PB got all gooey from the heat of the english muffin, and the raisins added the perfect chewiness. Divine.

Random Reminiscing

This summer has had a few nice days but it has rained entirely too much. Today is no exception–rain, rain, rain. It really makes me miss the amazing weather I had last summer when I was living in Haifa, Israel. It was gorgeous every. single. day. So now while I’m working and studying away I really wish I could travel back in time and re-live my summer last year: relaxing on the Mediterranean, traveling, and learning Hebrew. It was by far the best experience of my life and I learned and grew so much as a person. I can’t wait to go back again, hopefully soon!

First is what I’m looking at out my window right now, and second is what I had the pleasure of viewing every day last summer. Sigh….



No surprises here.

And then I decided to indulge a little with my all-time favorite treat: Dairy Queen Vanilla Soft Serve. It’s just so thick and creamy and absolutely amazing.

This was perfect and I savored every last bite!

Off to read in bed. Goodnight!

Return of the Oats


I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve had a comforting bowl of oatmeal. Since I had some time this morning I made the most unbelievable bowl yet. The banana I used was super ripe which made for an extra sweet bowl. Of course I mixed in some wheatberries, and let me say that they really do add a whole new dimension to oatmeal. They give it such a great texture and crunch and I think it makes it helps hold me over a lot longer too. I also added some ground flax, cinnamon, and vanilla. Delicious!

After I digested for a few hours I went out for the best run I’ve had in a while. Instead of just running through my neighborhood I went down to a little trail that I love but don’t always have time to go to. It’s perfect because it’s pretty flat, there are mile markers, and it’s really pretty—lots of trees which shade you from the sun. I love running there because there are always tons of people with friends and dogs out walking, running and biking. And everyone is so friendly—they always smile and say hi when you pass. It’s little things like that which really make my day.


I hate to say it but Panera really let me down today. I ordered the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad with chicken to go and when I went to eat my lunch….no chicken!! I was so disappointed, I really was looking forward to some protein after my long run this morning. I guess this just goes to show why it’s so important to check your order before you leave. Oh well, it was still delicious. As you all know by know I am obsessed with fruit at the moment, so this still left me happy.


My left leg was so stiff while I was running this morning that I couldn’t wait to get to my yoga class tonight to stretch it out. Also, Tuesday nights are Vigorous Warm Flow which is my favorite class of the week! Before I went I had a full sized Clif Bar: Cool Mint Chocolate. This is actually my first time having a full-sized Clif, I usually stick to the minis or Zbars but I figured that I needed the extra fuel since 1) This would be my 2nd vigorous workout of the day and 2) THEY FORGOT MY CHICKEN!! 

This bar was really good, it tasted a lot like the Chocolate Brownie flavor but with a mint twist. It really kept me full and energized all during yoga and while I was prepping dinner. I would definitely buy this again.


I had quite a colorful dinner tonight! I made a sort of Florentine Fish. I originally had planned on using Orange Roughy but when I saw that it was $12.99/lb while Cod was only $5.99/lb I quickly changed my plan. I never really buy Cod and now I know why–let’s just say that what this meal has in color it lacks in flavor! It sure is pretty though!

It was really simple to make too—I just put down a bed of frozen thawed spinach and topped with the cod and a mixture of roasted red peppers, basil, red pepper flakes, and 1T skim milk which I stuck in the food processor. Then it was into a 400* oven, covered, for 30 minutes.

As a side I made some quinoa which is one of my very favorite grains! It was even better tonight because I made it using chicken broth instead of just water. This added so much more flavor! 

It’s back to work tomorrow, but I do have a new recipe to try for dinner which I’m really excited about! And don’t worry, I’ll be back later tonight for some dessert!

Fruits and Veggies

Well I certainly met my quota for fruits and veggies today! In the summer when it’s so hot it seems like all I crave are fresh fruits and vegetables! 


I started my day off bright and early with a big bowl of cereal: fiber one, kashi go lean, wheatberries, flax, and skim milk. Seriously wheatberries in cereal=AMAZING. Please try it. Tomorrow. Or tonight, I’m sure it would be good as a midnight snack : )

This big bowl kept me well fueled through yoga, errands, and studying.


I picked up lunch from the salad bar at my grocery store. It was huge and loaded with all sorts of veggies. I was seriously stuffed after finishing this!


Fruit round #1 came as an afternoon snack to get me through GRE reading comprehension. Reading passages about ice formations on Mars is not my idea of fun. This definitely made it better.


It was just me and my dad for dinner tonight so I made Chicken Paprika. It was really liquidy from the broth and didn’t thicken up much despite the corn starch and ended up tasting just like homemade chicken soup! It was so good–really flavorful and filling from all the veggies (onion, red pepper, and tomato). For the chicken I used some frozen individually wrapped chicken breasts that I found at the grocery store. These things are great. Each breast is 4 oz and is individually wrapped so you can use as many portions as you want. It’s really convenient and something I definitely will be buying when I go back to school. I always ran into the problem last year of having to buy a whole lb of chicken and then having tons of leftovers—this way I can make individual servings easily!


Dessert was a repeat of last night: mini kettle-corn and fruit round #2.

Obviously I couldn’t stop there—it’s just so good! Here’s fruit round #3. And there might still be some room in my tummy for a round #4 before the night is over ; )

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